the face is loosely based on eleanor tomlinson. I definitely could have spent more time on the likeness, but I wanted to focus more on the skin and eyes for this project. as always there are some things I'd still like to tweak for the both skin and hair, but at some point ya just gotta call it and save it for the next project. I used the killer texturingxyz sculping alphas along with some my own I've accumulated over the years.

sculpted and textured in zbrush, rendered in keyshot, photoshop (for comp).

boba fett 1313

original concept by Gustavo Mendoca from the unreleased Star Wars 1313 game.

marvelous designer, zbrush, maya, keyshot

done for fun in my free time with the goal of learning marvelous designer- a bit behind the 8 ball. wanted to see how far I could get with little to no zbrush sculpting, no manual texture painting (aside from the cape opacity) and no photoshop- only keyshot materials and some tiled textures. definitely room for improvement, but it was a good learning experience. I might come back to it and finish it properly in the future. full res images in my 3D gallery.


mech C

zbrush, keyshot

exploring some concepting workflows for fun. curious to see how far I can get with only zbrush and keyshot using the various nodes in the material graph without any hand painting or photoshop. the curvature and ao nodes are opening up a lot of doors. I haven't entirely sorted it out yet, but I learned a lot for the next project. looking forward to more development on the procedural workflow front.